Sherine's Supreme Cookies

The ULTRA-melt-in-your-mouth peanut butter cookie with just the right balance of salty and sweet. A soft consistency with a delicate velvety crumb. A palate pleasing treat! sold by the dozen
Check out Vegan Peanut Butter cookie also.  (With or without chocolate chips)

A rich and chewy vegan peanut butter cookie that does not compromise on flavor!  This cookie is satifistyingly delicious! Even a non-vegan, would fully enjoy. (no dairy nor eggs) sold by the dozen. (With or without vegan chocolate chips)

A very flavorful, soft, chewy on the inside, slightly crunchy on the ends, buttery, sweet (but not too sweet) sugar cookie.  Great with coffee, tea a glass of milk but delectable all by itself. 

Sold by the dozen - 

A tender delicious almond shortbread cookie and cranberries dipped in semi-sweet chocolate that just happens to be vegan (no dairy or eggs) sold by the dozen

These little gems remind me of those candies I loved as a kid that were sold as a fund-raiser in tin cans with the key opener on the bottom. Making these beauties take me all the way back there except I've added a delectable cookie bottom, rolled in chocolate, a dollop of caramel, encrusted with toasted pecans - Bam! 


$16.95/per dozen

This oatmeal cookie is not your average oatmeal cookie. It's my Signature Cookie. The one that got all this started. I've held on to this and served to family and friends with rave reviews for more than 30 years. Whole oats, raisins, chocolate, North Carolina plump pecans, and ... well, I'm not giving away the whole kit and cabootle! But these are a winner even if oatmeal cookies have never been your favorite. Don't knock it until you've tried Sherine's. 


$14.00/per dozen

Variety Box


Variety Box


Feel free to mix your box of cookies in segments of 6 cookies with a minimum of 1/doz (12) cookies. 


Local RTP Area Only (Holly Springs, Apex, Cary, Morrisville, Durham, Fuquay, Willow Springs) & surrounding areas):

Weddings, luncheons, showers, family gatherings or reunions or whatever!
Think of Sherine's Supreme Cookies for homemade, fresh baked cookies to serve your guests.  They will thank you for sure! 

Call for pricing (minimum $75.00)

(919)  210-3384

What a wonderful way to express your care and attention to someone special. Give the gift of cookies! Giving them an opportunity to try Sherine's Supreme Cookies and they will thank you forever and ever! A single gift card covers 1 dozen cookies beautifully wrapped, shipping and handling anywhere in the US. A gift card can be electronically emailed to them or physically mailed. 

Should you require a card or cards to be physically mailed, then please include mailing information in the comments portion when filling in your order -  provide specific address details -  Call if you have difficulty, call (919) 210-3384


New Business Phone Number:  (984) 223-5755


June 2021 Baking/Delivery/Shipping Schedule:

Order by June 2 for June 5 pick-up

Shipping Orders - Order by June 2 for shipping on June 7 

Order by June 21 for June 26 pick-up

Shipping Orders - Order by June 21 for shipping on June 28


July 2021 Baking/Delivery/Shipping Schedule:

July 4th Holiday: Order by June 28 for pick-up or delivery on Saturday, July 3rd.

Order by July 25 for delivery, pick-up on July 31

Shipping orders:  Order by July 25 for SHIPPING Out on July 31


August 2021 Baking/Delivery/Shipping Schedule:

Order by August 9 for delivery or pick-up on August 14

Shipping Orders:  Order by August 9 for order to Ship OUT on August 14

Order by August 23 for delivery or pick-up on August 28th

Shipping Orders:  Order by August 23 for orders to SHIP OUT on August 28


PRICE INCREASE - MAY 1, 2021 - 1 dozen cookies will be $16.95